"Ed is a pretty swell guy."
- George Lucas probably

Tasty! (Photo by Stephen Reali)

Originally from the mystical land of crabs and beer (i.e. Maryland), I currently specialize in motion graphics, VFX, and filmmaking in Los Angeles. I've been incredibly fortunate to be a part of some really awesome studio and agency teams and contribute visuals to a variety of projects including the following (and then some):


Additionally, I'm a National Active member of the Television Academy's Special Visual Effects Peer Group as well as a hyphenate member of the Academy's Motion & Title Design Peer Group. I utilize an array of creative tools and constantly push the boundaries of my knowledge and skills. I love visual storytelling and collaborating with amazing people who share that passion.

PS - I also enjoy eating Soylent Green (SPOILERS for the 1973 film Soylent Green - duh)!