Another fun design project for Technicolor VFX, Ballistic was envisioned as a quick opening title sequence for a hypothetical documentary/docudrama partially chronicling the history of modern rocket technology (emphasis on "partially" as it's sorely missing references to major achievements like the launch of Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin's space flight). I also wanted to juxtapose the military applications of rockets with the technology's pivotal role in space exploration, which was inspired by this scene from Star Trek: First Contact. Maya and After Effects were my principal tools on this project, and Premiere Pro was used to add/edit audio after the fact.

Music: Guardians at the Gate (Bruno Cariou Remix), Audiomachine
Original blueprints and voice/radio recordings from various archival sources
Saturn V CG model courtesy of CGTrader artist MargetaCG
AIM-9 Sidewinder CG model courtesy of TurboSquid artist piojoman

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