“The journey of ~2,618 miles begins with an ’02 Toyota Corolla.” -Lao Tzu (probably)

Well, it’s officially my one year anniversary here in LA! It’s been a blast thus far and I’m incredibly grateful for having been able to experience this latest and greatest chapter with some amazing new friends and colleagues!

I thought I’d celebrate by finally uploading some of the photos that were taken of the trip Jason Clark and I made from Maryland to California a year ago. The pictures were taken with my then-new (for me) Sony α7S II. I bought the camera initially for its video features, but ironically ended up using it more for stills despite its low MP count.

We began the journey on August 31st, 2017 and made it to LA on the evening of September 3rd. There wasn’t much time for a lot of detours or sightseeing as I was starting at CoSA VFX on September 5th (the 4th being Labor Day that year and also a day I would use to check out places for rent), but I’m thankful for what we were able to get to.

I’m especially thankful to Jason for accompanying me on the journey, and to his wife Jessica for scouting out Airbnb’s and apartments/rooms for rent ahead of the trip. Also, special thanks to the rest of my friends and, last but not least, my family without whose support I wouldn’t be here. You guys freakin’ rock!

Here’s to season two in the City of Angels!